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Remember being young and going to the fair.  No matter how bad it smelled you always had to walk through and look at the live stock.  What if you turned the corner and saw cannabis growing for competition.  Well, if you live in Colorado, this may be in your near future.

That’s right.  Colorado’s Denver County has added cannabis growing to their growing contest for their county fair in summer of this year.  For the first time, cannabis will be featured next to pepper plants and pies to seek the county’s blue ribbon.

Okay, so the cannabis will not be at the fairgrounds and the judging will be done off site; however, pictures of the winning plant will be on display at the fairgrounds.  The are also doing a joint rolling competition, but with oregano and not cannabis.

Fair organizers say that the pot-themed events will be only one of the odd events at their fairgrounds this summer.  Denver County fair also include a competition for building dioramas out of marshmallow  and a drag queen competition.

Tracy Wells, the fair’s marketing and creative director, said, “We thought it was time for us to take that leap and represent one of the things Denver has going on.”

The cannabis categories for the fair include live plants, clones, brownies, savory foods, homemade bongs, homemade roach clips, and clothing and fabric made of hemp.

If you would like to read more about the inclusion of cannabis at teh Denver County fair this summer, Click Here!

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